Saturday, August 20, 2011

Band-Aids on Bullet Wounds

The youth of this world are restless. We are passionate, but aimless. We are lost, constantly searching for something, anything, to fulfill us and make us feel alive. We look towards temporary fixes to lasting issues, putting Band-Aids on bullet wounds and sweeping our worries under rugs. We look to cutting, we look to drugs, we look to parties and violence, sex and porn just to make us feel something. It's never about healing--it's about coping, just getting by until everything blows over.

We continue to put what shattered hope we have into these things. We search and search, going from one fix to another, and still never find what we're looking for. We all long to feel accepted, loved, wanted, and needed. We need to feel as if we're worth something. We need to know we're not just one random, lonely and invisible face in a crowd of people. We need to know we mean something to someone, we need to know our lives are valued.  That we are loved.

We, the youth of this world, long for love now more than ever. We need it now more than ever. And nowhere can we find Love but in the God who created Love. Nothing we create, nothing we try can compare to the immeasurable love that God has for us. It doesn't just help us to cope; it heals us, it rescues us, it gives us meaning, it gives us direction. It fulfills us. And yet we reject it, because we're afraid to believe in it.

People so often brush this message of hope and love off their shoulders like a speck of dust, reasoning that it can't be real because God can't exist--that he is man's way of making sense of the unexplainable--and dismissing it as "religious" baloney. 

But this Love is real. And it is open to you. It does not pick-and-choose. It does not refuse. It does not look at you with a judgmental stare and dismiss you because the scars on your wrists or the tattoos on your arms. It doesn't care where you've been. It doesn't care where you are. It just wants you. 

He wants you. He loves you. And He can heal you. 

† Rebecca

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  1. That was beautiful, and oh so true...

    Wonderful post.

    - Hannah/iWrite <3

  2. Wow...very powerful, Rebecca. And very true. I've recently felt some of what you're talking about...lack of fulfillment. Restlessness. Yearning for something. And not a healing. Just something to help me cope and move one. For me the answer was writing and listening to depressing songs. Ironic, isn't it? And wrong.
    Thanks for writing.
    -Elliot Ray

    1. I couldn't agree with you more, sir. I'm glad that you're one of this bloggers supporters just as I am.

  3. Another amazing post, Rebecca.

  4. Epic, so true and very well written :)

  5. Just wanted to leave a comment and let you know what a brilliant blog this is. Its thought provoking, funny, deep and encouraging all at the same time. Your talent with words, and maturity really show. :)

    Hope you post more soon!

  6. So your real name is Rebecca, is it, TheEndofSilence? If that's true, then how about I call you Becky? Or better yet, I choose Beck since it sounds less girlish to me.

    Anyway, I thank you for taking the initiative to make this blog. It's such a real shame that there are people in this world who lie that Gods isn't real. If you ask me, they're superficial (Pardon my use of that word.) enough to depend too much on physical sense. And doing that is wrong because we it's harmful. But I'm glad that I don't like that.

    I agree with what the other commenters had posted on here. For example, the Anonymous who posted at 8:32 P.M. on February 11, 2012 is right that your talent with words and maturity really show, although I don't think of it as funny.

    No offense if you like funny things. It's just that they don't interest in more now that I moved away from and got more into serious things. Here are some examples that I'm pretty serious:

    1. I'm introverted like you.

    2. I dislike most of the Disney Channel for its over-the-top humor.

    3. I try not to mess around.

    4. I try to act as a father figure to my brother, who's a few years younger than me as well as the same age as me.

    5. I now know better than to engage in improper stuff.

    Well, that's all I can come up with. Again, good job for making this blog.

  7. I mistakenly typed that my brother's the same age as me. Instead, I meant to type that he's the same gender as me.

    I also made the mistake of forgetting to delete the "we" between "because" and "don't." My apologies.