Sunday, March 27, 2011

For the Offended and Unappreciated Introvert

Having three younger siblings, Disney Channel is on almost constantly in my house. Because of this, I have admittedly seen every episode of every show, and I have come to notice something quite interesting.

The media--here, exemplified by Disney Channel--seems to really hate introverts. This is an over-exaggerated way of putting it, of course, but really--I cannot think of a single character that is a true introvert. At least, not a 'cool' character. Introverts on Disney Channel always seem to fall into one of two categories: the geeky bookworm, and the gothic, antisocial bully. And as neither a geek nor an antisocial bully, I am one offended introvert.

It seems to me like the media's idea of introverts is rubbing off on society. Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems like more and more people are beginning to look down on introverts and glorify the social butterflies. They seem to think there's something wrong with us if we aren't particularly outgoing--and sometimes they even try to push us into being more 'normal' and social.* 

But the world needs us introverts--whether it realizes it or not. What would the world be like without us? Certainly a lot less artistic and intelligent. ;)

So where does that leave us unappreciated introverts? 

Curled up by the fireplace, wrapped up in a Snuggie,** and reading a good book, I guess. 

An unappreciated introvert,
† Rebecca

* Note to the extravert: we usually hate this. Don't be surprised if you get an "I'd rather not." :P

** that was a joke. I do not own a Snuggie. AND I REPEAT: I DO NOT OWN A SNUGGIE! 


  1. Just read a great book that values the introvert. Check it out.

    The Introvert Advantage: How to thrive in an extrovert world by Marti Olsen Laney

  2. As the best friend of the offended introvert I can tell you that this one at least is really awesome, just doesn't like social activities (which is funny because I'm an extrovert extraordinaire :P)

    But its true... Introverts are disliked by the world. *hugs her own personal introvert*

    I find introverts to be much more interesting their thoughts. Extroverts DO introverts THINK. Both good things at the right times.

  3. My brothers have been watching some DC shows lately on Netflix. *gag*'re right. At least in the show "Good Luck Charlie". So sad, really. 'Cause I'm something of an introvert too.

  4. @Samii: Thank you :P That's true.

    @Hannah/iWrite4Him: Yes, Good Luck Charlie is one of them. :\

    Thanks for commenting, guys.

  5. I can't stand Disney Channel shows, that reason is partly why.

    Three cheers for the introverts!

    P.S. I found your blog! :)

  6. Some things I appreciate about the introverts in my life:

    1. Because they're thinkers, they are great people to bounce ideas off of and get advice from.

    2. Because introverts tend not be "talkers" they are great at keeping confidences. We all need safe places to share what we feel - knowing that our secrets will go no further.

    3. Introverts are good listeners.

    4. They think outside the box.

    (Speaking of which - Albert Einstein was an introvert - and so was Abraham Lincoln!)

  7. Good post. :P Very true, too... I can't count how many times people tell me I should go to dances, or how many times I've been called emo because I don't always like to socialize with people whose idea of great fun is coming up with stories about gummi bears. >.<

    I put a link to your blog on mine... I hope you don't mind. :)

  8. Thank you taking the initiative to make an article about introverts since I am one. It's a shame that many introverts are unappreciated in this world. Why, I've been antagonized by extroverts throughout my life. And I just hate that.

    Shame on extroverts who lie about introverts. They )the introverts) don't deserve that. Because I sense extroverts as being more negative and less beneficial than introversion, I like introverts more than extroverts since people who engage in introversion prefer to be themselves rather than be who extroverts are.

    It's pathetic that this world acts like it favors extroverts more than introverts. Is it that superficial or something?

    About the Disney Channel (or DISN for short), I'm ashamed of the way most of it is while my brother (who's the same gender as me) likes it that way possibly because of what he experienced in high school. Now I truly care for him just as her cares for me (especially since he's not a bad person). But I just wish that he'd ease up on being extroverted and become more mature like I am.

    Also, I agree with and appreciate this statement that you typed:

    "But the world needs us introverts--whether it realizes it or not. What would the world be like without us? Certainly a lot less artistic and intelligent."

    If only the world would be more open to introverts and give up its antagonism against them, us introverts wouldn't have much problems with extroverts. Heck, I say, "Shame on extroverts for lying about introverts and antagonizing them in other ways."

    I wish that I could type more. But I feel that that's all I can come up with for now.

    Good luck, my fellow introvert.

  9. I totally agree with your post, as I am an introvert too. Some people just don't understand why some people don't want to be 'left alone' in a way. I really do like your statement about how the world would be less artistic and intelligent without us. Its probably true! I think that introverts actually be who they are, who they want to be (or try to) while extroverts just do what everyone else does (this isn't true for everybody though). Anyway, I am so glad you posted this. It makes me feel better, in a way.